Ditrex – Series and piece production of steel cut shapes

Why Choose us?

Our company has been operating in the area of cutting shapes from sheets and selling these cut shapes since its creation in 1999.

This year we have been carrying out our activities for 25 years and, during that time, have built up a team of experienced workers and created high-quality technical facilities for both production preparation, production devices (see Workplaces), handling devices and the steel cut shape selling system. Our company currently ranks among the leading steel cut shape suppliers in the Czech Republic.

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As demands on a cut shape, as an input product for our customers, are increasingly higher and in an effort to ensure the maximum comprehensiveness of our supplies, we offer the services and technological operations below

  • Removing scales created by cutting at the edges of cut shapes
  • Transfer of melt, drawing numbers or another marking to cut shapes. Marking by stamping using hand stamps or a micro-impact marking device
  • Possibility of an ultrasonic test of sheet metal
  • Additional tests of mechanical values if needed
  • Certificates of input materials according to ČSN EN 10204
  • Transport to the customer
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    25 years of experience

    Thousands of completed orders

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    Technical support

    Knowledge of and experience with technologies offered

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    100% quality

    Of products and services

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    Guarantee of meeting deadlines

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    With standard burnouts and products, of various sizes and technological demands

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    Quick and transparent offers

    Standard offers within 24 hours

The solution rests on the approach

Ditrex s.r.o.

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783 01 Olomouc-Slavonín
Česká Republika

Phone: +420 585 754 546
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E-mail: vypalky@ditrex.cz

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